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Tired of wasting hours cleaning your pool? Call Las Vegas Pool Service to finally reclaim your weekends and get more use out of your pool. We take pride in delivering affordable South Las Vegas pool cleaning and maintenance services you can depend on to skip the hassle of owning a pool.

Las Vegas Pool Service is a full-service pool cleaning company in South Las Vegas that offers everything from weekly pool cleaning service and pool tile cleaning to acid washes and pool chemical service. Whether you just need a little help getting your pool back in good shape or you want us to handle all regular pool care, we’re here to help.





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There are many cut-rate pool service companies in Las Vegas as well as companies that want you to sign a long-commitment contract. We recommend considering the following when comparing Las Vegas pool service companies.


Pool Tile Cleaning

Do you have an unsightly, crusty white ring around your pool tile? This build-up of hard water deposits can be incredibly difficult to remove with elbow grease alone. Our trained experts perform safe pool tile cleaning in South Las Vegas using a technique called bead blasting. This form of swimming pool tile cleaning carefully strips deposits from glass, ceramic, and porcelain tile without damage by blasting the surface with mineral salt or beads. In a matter of hours, we can remove all water deposits from your pool tile to leave beautiful, gleaming results.


Regular Pool Services

Kick back and relax with our regular South Las Vegas pool cleaning services. Our regular pool service is done weekly or monthly to keep your pool safe and in peak condition. This service involves checking your skimmer and filter, pool vacuuming, skimming, and checking and adjusting your pool’s pH to keep algae and bacteria at bay. We’ll also double-check your pool equipment for signs of disrepair. Our pool cleaning service includes the cost of chemicals and ensures your water has the ideal pH to avoid costly services like an acid wash later.


Swimming Pool Maintenance

Maintaining your beautiful pool can feel like a full-time job. From malfunctioning pool heaters and algae problems to imbalanced pool chemicals and hard water deposits, you may find yourself wanting to just ignore your pool completely and give up. At Las Vegas Pool Service, our job is taking care of your pool so you can just enjoy it. We perform all types of pool maintenance from pool cleaning in South Las Vegas to equipment repair, replastering, and pool chemical services.


Pool Acid Wash

Is your pool green and slimy? This is caused by uncontrolled algae growth due to heat, an unstable pH that has fallen out of the ideal range of 7.4 and 7.6, and low chlorine levels. While shocking your pool with chlorine may solve the algae problem, it isn’t a guarantee. Algae can grow in your pool’s plaster and survive shocking only to come back as bad as ever. Acid washing is an extreme pool cleaning service in South Las Vegas that involves stripping a thin layer of your plaster with acid to expose stain-free and algae-free plaster.


concrete pool deck resurfacing

No matter what problems you are experiencing with your pool, we can help with reliable and cost-effective swimming pool repair. Las Vegas Pool Service performs common pool repairs like swimming tile repair and replastering. We also repair and replace swimming pool equipment, including pumps, pool heaters, electrical boxes, lighting, filter cartridges, and plumbing issues. Contact us today to get to the bottom of your swimming pool issues to restore your pool’s safety and performance.

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Do you have questions about our South Las Vegas pool cleaning and maintenance services? Here’s how we perform our three most popular pool cleaning services and why our results can’t be beat.


calenderGreen Pool Treatment

A green pool is definitely a problem. It isn’t just an eyesore that prevents you from using your pool; it may indicate that algae spores have infiltrated your pool plaster which requires more invasive treatment. A green pool can be caused by an improper pH, low chlorine levels, and alkalinity outside the proper range. Once you have a green pool, our first course of action will be shocking the pool with a large amount of chlorine after making sure the pH and alkalinity are within the right range.

If shocking the pool doesn’t work, it means algae has sent roots into your pool plaster which causes stains and deterioration while allowing the algae to rebloom when conditions are right. To fix this, we will need to drain your pool and perform an acid wash with muriatic acid which strips some of the plaster away. This process produces dramatic results and stops the algae from reblooming but it should only be performed when absolutely necessary.


calenderWeekly and Monthly Pool Cleaning

Don’t let pool cleaning ruin your weekend. We offer affordable South Las Vegas pool cleaning services to ensure your pool is always ready for use without the hassle. We use specialized equipment to remove scale and algae stains, vacuum your pool, check and clean your filters, and make sure your pool’s pH is in the right range at every visit. While some homeowners prefer weekly pool cleaning visits, we also offer monthly cleaning.

This service is easy to customize to your needs and budget. Only want us to check and adjust the chemicals each week? Not a problem. What about weekly vacuuming, skimming, and chemical checks plus pool tile cleaning every other month? Give us a call so we can take the stress and hassle out of enjoying a pool in beautiful South Las Vegas.


calenderSwimming Pool Tile Cleaning

One of the most obnoxious problems you’ll encounter with your pool is a buildup of scale at the water line. These hard water deposits are left as water evaporates from your pool and they can be very difficult to remove. Before using chemicals and putting in hours of hard work trying to remove the scale by hand, give us a call.

We offer affordable bead or salt blasting, a pool tile cleaning technology the quickly removes even thick scale deposits without causing damage to your tile. We begin by lowering your pool’s water level by about six inches using a submersible pump. Our technicians will shoot mineral salt against the pool tile using low air pressure. This effectively scrubs the scale away. Your tile is then hand polished to remove residue and leave beautiful, shining results.



Having a reliable pool cleaning company can set the table for a great pool season.

  • weekly pool service
  • Pool Acid Wash
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Algae Removal
  • Pool equipment
  • Pool Chlorine Bath
  • Green Pool Cleaning
  • One time pool cleaning
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Don’t trust your swimming pool to just anyone. The experts at Las Vegas Pool Service have decades of combined experience with swimming pool tile cleaning and pool maintenance in South Las Vegas to deliver the dependable results you’re looking for without breaking your budget. Here’s why we hope to be your first choice among the many swimming pool cleaning companies in South Las Vegas.



We are so confident in our technicians that we offer a worry-free guarantee on our service. We back our swimming pool cleaning and pool tile cleaning with a money-back guarantee.



We offer customized solutions to take care of the swimming pool maintenance you don’t want to worry about — and nothing more. Whether you want weekly pool cleaning, one-time service, or customized solutions, we can help.



Our technicians always arrive on time for appointments. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service and support.