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Our Las Vegas pool repair services are at your disposal.

Monthly Pool Maintenance

Pool Repair Service

As a family owned business we take pride in making all of the repairs ourselves for your Las Vegas or Henderson pool. We are the top pool service maintenance company in town and will provide the needed repairs you need for your pool and equipment.

Swimming Pool Algae Removal

1. You Can Trust Our Expertise.

When something breaks down or needs service you can trust our technicians to know how to repair it at the lowest cost to you.


Acid Wash a Pool

2. We Can Repair Your Pool Or Equipment Fast.

A lot of the time we can make all repairs the same week as your regular service and are able to do it fast and conveniently so you can go back to enjoying your pool!

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Pool Cleaners Service

3. We Can Repair Anything On Your Las Vegas Pool.

We really can! If your pool needs patched or a new coat of plaster then we can do it. If you have electrical problems then we know how to remedy the problem. There is nothing we can’t handle. Some of the things we repair are:

  • Plumbing
  • Pool pumps
  • Pool Heaters
  • Electrical boxes
  • Pool filter cartridges
  • Algae growth problems
  • Full re-plastering of your pool
  • Lighting and bad connections
  • Fittings, connections and hoses


Call us to let us diagnose any pool problems or repairs that might be needed. We can do the small electrical repairs all the way up to a full pool re-plaster job. If you need great customer service and professional pool expertise from a Las Vegas pool company then please give our phones a ring today!