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How do we acid wash your Las Vegas or Henderson pool?

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Acid Wash Pool Service Cleaning

At times your algae growth cannot be eliminated without a proper acid wash. At Las Vegas Pool Service we specialize in performing an acid wash for your pool and eliminating all growth and spores from your plaster or pebble tec.


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1. We Are Highly Trained To Do Pool Acid Washes.

Performing an acid wash properly on a pool needs to be completed by a true professional who knows what he is doing and who will not damage your pool during the process.

Acid Wash a Pool

2. We Safely Acid Wash Pools Using Proven Methods.

When it comes to safety we use the appropriate gloves, footwear, breathing masks and also use plenty of water while performing the acid wash so as to not damage your plaster. This is very important and cannot be stressed enough. If you don;t use enough water your pool will be ruined

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3. Our Acid Wash Process Described In Detail.

we start out assessing your pool and algae growth we factor in the age of the water as well as the growth advancement. At this point we will begin by emptying your pool with a sump pump. After your pool is empty we will:

    • Perform a liquid chlorine wash which includes brushing all algae and spores to remove all of the algae. This step is very important and cannot be overlooked.
    • Start the acid wash by having plenty of protective materials for us as well as your pool. Acid is very potent and the fumes are deadly so we use soda ash to neutralize the acid while cleaning.
    • Mix the acid on a 3-1 ratio (25% acid and the use of biodex to thicken/foam and soda ash to neutralize). Once the acid solution is mixed we will start pouring it all over the pool plaster while scrubbing the walls and floors with a hard bristle brush
  • Use lots of water. While we scrub the walls we have a sump pump running at the same time because we are using plenty of water from a garden hose to rinse off the acid as we brush it. It is important that the acid does not stay too long on your pool or you could have permanent damage and rough plaster thereafter.

After performing the acid wash we will add the proper amount of conditioner as well as shock so that the PH levels are where they need to be when you are ready to start swimming.


We look forward to performing an effective acid wash on your Las Vegas pool and we know that you will be very pleased with the results as well!