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Pool Heater Repair

Gas Pool Heater Repair

Swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat in the Las Vegas summer and relax with friends. With a heater, you can even enjoy your pool or spa during the evening and when the weather gets chilly. Of course, your pool’s heater needs regular care just like the pool itself. If your heater is failing to keep your pool or spa at the right temperature, it may be time for pool heater repair service.


Our Las Vegas pool heater repair techs repair all types of pool heaters and heat pumps. We will help you diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate repairs. You can count on our pool heater techs for cost-effective and reliable repairs to get your heater back in action.

Heat Pump Repair

Las Vegas Pool Heat Repair

Pool heaters are prone to the same problems as boilers and furnaces. This includes dirty burners, failed electrical ignition, failed heating elements, clogged gas lines, and electrical problems. Maintenance is important to keep the heater components clean. Old components should also be replaced before they cause problems.

One of the most common problems we encounter in Las Vegas is debris from the pool in the filter and intake. If too much debris gets into your heater, it will cause clogs. This leads to the heater shutting off too soon, poor heating, low water flow, and a heater that does not turn on.

Pool Heaters In Las Vegas

Types of Pool Heaters in Las Vegas

There are two primary ways to heat your pool: a heater that uses an energy source or a heat pump. We offer pool heater repair for all types of pool heaters: electric, natural gas, and propane. We also provide pool heat pump repair.

Pool heaters use propane, electricity, or natural gas to heat water that gets returned to the pool. Heaters usually have a lower upfront cost than heat pumps and they heat the water quickly. Still, heaters do mean higher energy costs.

Heat pumps use the ambient air around the unit to warm your pool. A heat pump does not require propane or natural gas for much lower operating costs. The downside to a heat pump is it can’t warm your pool if the air temperature is lower than 50 degrees F. Fortunately, this is rarely the case in Las Vegas.

With proper maintenance, a pool heat pump can last 10 years or longer. Still, occasional repairs will be necessary. We service and repair all brands of pool heat pumps. Common problems we encounter include:

  • Corroded connections
  • Obstructions in air flow
  • High Freon pressure error code, which happens when there is poor water flow.
  • Leaks. Water leaks can be caused by loose connections, failed gaskets, loose O-rings, or damage.
  • Heater pilot failing to light due to low gas pressure or inadequate air supply.
  • Heater cycling on and off. This may be caused by poor water flow through a dirty filter, closed valve, or a pressure valve that isn’t adjusted.
  • Strange noises, such as grinding, rattling, and squealing. This may be caused by loose hardware, broken motor bearings, or other problems.




Does My Pool/Spa Heater Ever Need a Tune-Up?

Your pool/spa heater or heat pump needs regular servicing just like your air conditioner or furnace. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your heater and avoid unexpected breakdown.


A tune-up is usually recommended every year ahead of the pool season. Our pool heater tune-up service includes:

  • Checking the main burner and pilot flame
  • Checking and cleaning main burners and orifices
  • Cleaning millivolt connections
  • Checking controls
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking for proper operation

What Size Pool Heater Do I Need for My Pool/Spa?

There are several factors that determine the right size pool heater for your pool or space. The surface area of the pool is a big factor. This is because the heater must offset the heat lost from the surface. Using a pool cover can dramatically reduce heat loss. The type of heater you choose also plays a role.

For a gas pool heater, 100-200 BTU heaters work well for up to 300 square feet of surface area and 1,000-10,000 gallons of water. A 300-400 BTU heater is adequate for up to 800 square feet of surface area and 20,000-40,000 gallons.

For a heat pump, plan for 50,000 BTU of heat pump for every 10,000 gallons of water in the pool.

Our pool heater repair techs can help you determine if your pool heater is the right size.

How Long Should it Take to Heat My Pool/Spa?

For a spa, you should expect the water to heat up 1 degree per minute with a properly sized heater. You can speed up heating with a spa cover.

For a pool, a heater should heat the water 1 degree per hour. Your pool should be fully heated within 24 hours.

How Can I Reduce Heating Costs?

Pool heaters can be expensive to operate, even in warm climates like Las Vegas. The good news is there are many steps you can take to lower your energy costs while keeping your pool warm. If your pool heater is 8+ years old, consider investing in a new energy efficient pool heater. You can also set your thermostat to the lowest setting you find comfortable. When the pool will not be used for several days, lower the thermostat to 70 degrees.

Any pool cover can help retain heat in the water. About 75% of heat loss from a pool is caused by evaporation. A cover minimizes this heat loss by working as a barrier. Solar covers also help heat the water by focusing the sun’s rays through bubbles in the blanket.

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If your pool heater has seen better days or doesn’t seem to be performing as well as it did, you can count on our techs to find the cause. We perform all types of pool heat pump and heater repairs to keep your Las Vegas pool or spa at the ideal temperature throughout the year.

Contact us today to request a free estimate for swimming pool heater repair service in Las Vegas.

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