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Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter

Good filtration is the key to keeping your pool clean. Your pump and filter system does most of the cleaning and clarifying of your pool, but only if you maintain it. Your pool filter is designed to trap debris and fine particles. This ensures only clean water circulates in your pool.


If maintaining your pool filter is a chore you’d like to skip, we can help. We offer regular pool filter cleaning service in Las Vegas to keep your pool pristine.

Pool Filter

How Your Pool Filtration System Works

Your pool needs a filter system to collect debris in the water. Your pool has at least one drain at the bottom and skimmer drains around the sides. These drains catch debris and filter water before it gets to the pump. Heavy debris drops to the bottom drain and the skimmer drains catch floating debris in baskets. In front of the pump is a strainer basket that catches debris before it reaches the filter box. Depending on the system you use, the filter unit may have DE powder, sand, or a cartridge that catches fine debris.

Over time, the collected debris slows down water flow. Pressure gauges can help you understand the level of blockage in inlet and outlet pipes.

Types of Pool Filters We Service

There are several types of pool filters. Each works a bit differently. We clean and replace all

types of pool filters for a beautiful, sparkling pool.

https://www.lasvegaspools.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/icon-title.pngCartridge filters:

These filters are very easy to set up and replace. Most are narrow and tall with a simple two-piece design. A cartridge filter is made with a polyester fan-folder filter and it puts less strain on your pump than a sand filter.

https://www.lasvegaspools.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/icon-title.pngDE filters:

Diatomaceous earth filters use DE powder, which is made from fossilized diatom exoskeletons. This type of filter has a grid held in place with manifolds. Fingers are sandwiched between a gasket and pressure plates. The DE powder coats the fingers and fabric on the grid to filter water.

https://www.lasvegaspools.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/icon-title.pngSand filters:

This type of filter has a hollow tank with a PVC pipe in the center that extends to the bottom. The PVC pipe has a manifold with slotted lateral pipes in a fanned-out design like the spokes on a wagon wheel. Sand pool filters can be filled with Zeolite, pool filter sand, or filter glass.

DE filters are best at producing sparkling pool water, but they have many parts. Setting up and maintaining DE filters can be time-consuming. Cartridge filters have the least amount of parts. They are also the second-best way to filter your pool. The downside is the time necessary to clean between the pleats and the cost of replacing the cartridge. Sand filters are easy to use but require some work to change. With a sand filter, only a few parts experience wear and tear. Changing a sand filter usually requires simply replacing the media.

Pool Filter Cleaning Services

Our Pool Filter Cleaning Service

You don’t need to slave over your pool for pristine, clean water. We will clean your pool filter and replace the filter and/or media as needed to keep your swimming pool beautiful. We offer pool filter cleaning for all types of filters, including sand, cartridge, and DE filters. Our cleaning and pool filter replacement techs will arrive at scheduled intervals. Most customers choose to have their filters cleaned 3 times per year. We recommend March, June, and September to keep your pool clean during the busy Vegas swim season.




How Often Should My Pool Filters Be Cleaned?

Pool filter cleaning ensures your pool is as clean as possible. It also increases the life of your filter and pump system. A filter cartridge should be cleaned whenever the filter pressure gauge increases by 8 PSI or more over normal operating pressure. Otherwise, your filter should be cleaned every 6 months as long as it’s properly sized and not subject to a high burden.


To clean a filter cartridge, remove large debris and soak in a cleaning solution that removes oils. Clean between the pleats from top to bottom. The better the cleaning you give the cartridge, the longer it will last. A filter brush can be connected to a hose for greater water pressure. This brush can be used to clean easily between the pleats. Because cartridges can’t be backwashed, they should be cleaned often.

When Is Pool Filter Replacement Necessary?

You can usually tell when your filter needs to be replaced by watching it and listening to your pump. If the pump is sucking air, grinding, or whining, it may be the filter going bad. You may also notice the filter failing to clean the pool or physically looking worn out.

It’s usually a good idea to replace your filter every 2-5 years. The filter’s lifespan will be even shorter if you get in the pool with deodorant, suntan lotion, and other skin and hair care products.

If you have a sand filter, keep in mind that sand is a permanent media filter. You never need to replace the sand in your filter unless it calcifies and becomes solid. The sand media should be cleaned, however.

With a sand filter, there is no rule for when it should be cleaned. If you have an inlet and outlet pressure gauge, the pressure differential will be 3-5 PSI when the filter is clean. When the pressure increases to 16-20 PSI, it’s
time to backwash the filter.


A DE pool filter should be cleaned once a month or when the pressure gauge increases by 8 PSI or more. Cleaning a DE pool filter involves backwashing it, cleaning the grids and manifolds, and adding new DE powder.

Why Is My Filter Gauge Showing High Pressure?

These filters are very easy to set up and replace. Most are narrow and tall with a simple two-piece design. A cartridge filter is made with a polyester fan-folder filter and it puts less strain on your pump than a sand filter.

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It can be easy to forget to clean and replace your pool filters, but it’s important to stay on top of cleaning.

Regular cleaning can avoid premature pump wear and dirty water. Contact us today to schedule regular pool filter cleaning service and filter replacement in the Las Vegas area.

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