1608, 2018

The Special Challenges of Salt Water Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Salt water pools have rapidly gained in popularity around the United States over the last decade. Today, about 75% of all new pools in Las Vegas are salt water pools. A salt water pool may seem like the clear choice because it puts an end to harsh chemicals, careful chemical monitoring, and the harsh effects of chlorine but there are trade-offs. As one of the leading pool cleaning companies in Las Vegas, we want you to be aware of the challenges you may face if you choose a salt water pool. Salt Can Be Corrosive and Damaging Salt water [...]

1108, 2018

Pool Finish Options and Upkeep: What You Should Know

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You have a lot of options when it comes to finishing your pool. Whether you choose the classic look of plaster, a budget-friendly pool liner, or pool tile, it's a good idea to consider not only the upfront cost but also the swimming pool maintenance and expected lifespan of the finish. Here's a quick look at your options and what to expect. Plaster Pool Finishes Plaster is the most common pool surface finish in Las Vegas and it's made by combining water, cement, and silica sand or marble dust. White plaster gives your pool an ultra-smooth and timeless appearance [...]

708, 2018

Common Questions About Pool Tile Cleaning

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When your pool tile becomes stained, dirty, or develops a buildup of scale, it detracts from the beauty of your poolscape and contributes to premature wear to your grout. No matter how clean your water is, you can be sure that everyone will notice dirty or scaled tile. Our effective pool tile cleaning in Las Vegas is a fast and easy way to restore bright, clean tiles without hours of scrubbing with a pumice stone or harsh chemicals. Here are some common questions to help you better understand this pool cleaning service. Does my pool need to be drained? [...]

308, 2018

Why Is My Pool Green?

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Has your pool turned green and slimy? You aren't alone. This is a common problem in Las Vegas caused by algae. Algae can be a big problem for pool owners and it's one of the most important reasons to stay on top of the chemical balance of your pool water. Many factors can contribute to algae growth including poor chemical balance, rain, and heat. Your pool requires three important elements to stay clear: --Proper alkalinity range. This refers to the dissolved salts in the water that keep the pH stable and help you maintain chlorine and pH levels. -- [...]

108, 2018

DIY or Professional Pool Tile Cleaning?

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Should you clean your own pool tile or turn to professional pool cleaning companies? This is a question you may find yourself asking when you notice that telltale white ring around your waterline or white streaks around water features. No matter how well you stay on top of regular pool cleaning, you are bound to experience scale, a buildup of mineral deposits like calcium as your water evaporates. When making your decision, remember that pool tile and grout can be delicate. It can be easier than you think to damage or scratch your tile or grout, especially with harsh [...]