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How can we replace your Las Vegas pool filters, pump, water heater and other equipment?

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Sometimes the best option is to totally replace defective equipment because the cost to repair is too much. We can replace your POOL PUMP with a high efficiency low energy pool pump which is also quiet and more powerful than your old one. If your pool HEATER IGNITER is defective then it is a relatively cheap repair that can be done quickly. We can install new LED lighting as well as plumbing and other upgrades to your pool and equipment.


Swimming Pool Algae Removal

1. We Have The Right Equipment.

When you need a top-of the-line pool pump don’t go to the pool store when we can get it for you cheaper and higher quality than what you normally have access to as a consumer. We have relationships with the top wholesalers of pool pumps, pool heaters, LED lighting and much more.

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2. We Know When To Replace It.

If we can repair it, we will but if it will be more cost effective to buy a new pump or heater or anything else then we will make recommendations on a complete replacement.

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3.  We Are Honest.

When working with a Las Vegas pool company, it is important to know you are being treated fairly and that your pool guy is not trying to up sell you things you don’t really need. We will always be honest about any replacements you may need for your pool or equipment.

When you need an item replaced then please don’t wait to see if we can save you money on a brand new pool heater, pool pump, lighting or other cleaning supplies that we have access to. We will make sure you get the best equipment at the most affordable prices