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Pool Equipment Repair

Pool Equipment Repair

As a leading pool repair company in Las Vegas, we are equipped to handle all types of pool problems.
We offer cost-effective and reliable pool equipment repair and replacement to keep your pool working as it should.There’s more to owning a pool than balancing the chemicals, vacuuming, and skimming. Enjoying a pool means dealing with the maintenance and repairs that come with pool equipment. Your pool’s mechanical equipment keeps your water safe, clean, and circulated. If maintenance is neglected, these parts can break down too soon.

Even with regular care, sometimes repairs will be necessary. As your pool equipment ages, certain parts tend to wear out. We handle all types of pool equipment repair. This includes pool pump repair, motor replacement, pool heater repair, and pool filter cleaning.

Your spa or pool pump usually requires little maintenance. Most pool pumps are self-priming. This means you do not need to fill it with water before it turns on each season. Still, it’s important to regularly clean the strainer basket under the pump housing. You should also make a habit of inspecting the gasket or o-ring. This forms a seal for the lid that’s needed for proper operation. Your filter will require more maintenance. If you have a DE or sand filter, backwashing the filter will be required about once a month or a few times a year. Cartridge filters need to be removed for cleaning.

Pool heaters require even less maintenance than pumps. A gas heater should be serviced once a year but electric heater can go longer. Pool heaters usually need repairs or servicing when they fail to heat the water properly, take too long to heat, or do not turn on. Whatever problem you’re experiencing, our pool equipment techs will pinpoint the cause and recommend a cost-effective solution.

Pool Pump


The pool pump is perhaps the most important piece of pool equipment you own. It’s responsible for pulling water from the pool, through a skimmer and filter, and back into the pool. If your pump stops working for even a day, your pool can become overrun with algae and turn green and murky. Never ignore pool pump problems. Our affordable pool pump repair service will get your pump back in working order to keep your pool safe and clean.


As a general rule, a pool pump will last for about 10 years. Around this time, you will notice more frequent breakdowns. You will also need more frequent pool pump repair as the pump ages. Depending on the problem, repairs may be a cost-effective solution to extend the life of the pump. If repairs cost more than 65% of the cost of a new pump, replacing the pump may be the better choice.

The most common problem with pool pumps is a malfunctioning motor. Pool pump motor repair is recommended if you do not have signs of “wet end” problems with your pump. This means you do not have problems with the housing, impeller and diffuser, volute, and other parts. We also recommend replacing or rebuilding the motor if your pool pump has plenty of life left.

Sometimes repairs cannot extend the life of your pool pump. If your pool pump has a cracked housing, replacing it is probably best. Another serious problem that can develop is cavitation. This means the pump did not get enough water, causing the impeller to spin too fast. This beats air molecules out of the water and forces the pump to run dry. Water left behind can boil and steam, causing further damage to the pump. If cavitation has happened, your pool pump will need to be replaced.

If your pool pump is showing signs of age, including strange noises during operation, poor water circulation, or failing to turn on, contact us right away. Our Las Vegas pool water pump repair technicians take pride in offering the best in customer service with a focus on reliable yet affordable repairs.

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Pool Heater Repair

Pool Heater Repair

Pool heaters don’t need much maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go bad and require repairs. Our pool heater repair techs offer affordable repair and replacement of all brands and types of pool heaters, including gas, propane, and electric. We also perform heat pump repair.

A pool heater can last about 10 years or longer with regular care. Repairs will become more common as your heater ages. You may experience problems like obstructions, corrosion, and leaks. Heaters can also develop poor gas pressure or air supply or worn components. You can trust our swimming pool heater repair techs for expert advice. We will let you know if repairs are in your best interest or replacing the heater is better.

If pool heater repair service can’t help or is cost-prohibitive, our technicians can recommend and install a new heater. It may be time to replace your pool heater if you notice:

  • Rapid cycling. This means the heater keeps turning on and off quickly.
  • Leaks around the heater.
  • Problems with the control board. If you are getting error messages, repairs may correct the problem. If the heater is around 10 years old, the problem may be the control board itself. In this case, replacement is best.
  • Failure to heat the water. Depending on the problem, repairs may solve the problem.
  • Heater does not turn on or stay on. There are many reasons a pool heater will not work correctly. In many cases, this issue is caused by a faulty transformer, low fuel, or low water pressure.
  • Unit releases soot or smoke. A heater needs enough oxygen to ignite and emit carbon monoxide. If your unit looks burnt or releases soot or smoke, it’s important to contact a pool heater repair service ASAP. This is a major safety risk.
  • Strange noises. In most cases, odd noises are caused by debris in the filter or hose.

You may want to consider replacing an aging pool heater with a new, energy-efficient unit if you are paying for frequent repairs. We can help switch from one energy source to another. Many Las Vegas pool owners switch from natural gas or propane to a lower-cost electric pool heater.

We recommend annual or biannual pool heater tune-ups to make sure your heater is working as it should. This is most important with gas pool heaters that have more complicated parts prone to breakdown.

Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter Cleaning

Your pool filter has a big job: trapping fine particles and debris as it moves through your pool pump. A dirty filter is not able to filter away contaminants and can quickly lead to a dirty, grimy pool.

While regular pool filter cleaning is important, it can become just another chore of owning a pool. We offer reliable pool filter cleaning service to make sure your filter is always doing its job.

Our pool equipment techs clean and replace all types of pool filters, including sand, cartridge, and DE filters. Backwashing the filter or removing the filter for cleaning will be necessary. Our techs will monitor the condition of your pool filter for on-time pool filter replacement service.

We can also give you advice on which type of filter is best for your needs. While sand filters require very little maintenance and cost very little, they do require more labor to change. Cartridge filters have the fewest amount of parts and are considered the second-best type of pool filter. The downside to cartridges is they must be removed and cleaned carefully. There is no way to backwash a cartridge filter. Replacing cartridge filters can also be a bit costly. DE filters are the best at producing very clean, beautiful water, but they have many parts that require care. Maintaining DE filters can be a time-consuming job.

How often your pool filter should be cleaned depends on the type of filter and how often your pool is used. As a general rule, cartridge filters should be cleaned every 6 months. DE filters should be cleaned monthly. You will know it’s time to clean your filter if the pressure gauge shows an increase of 8 PSI or more over normal.

Pool filter replacement also depends on the type of filter and how well it is maintained. Most filters need to be replaced every 2-5 years. If you use the pool wearing sunscreen or other skin and hair care products, the filter may need to be replaced sooner. With sand filters, the sand almost never needs to be replaced, but it will need to be cleaned.

Don’t waste your weekends on pool equipment maintenance. Contact us for an estimate on affordable pool filter cleaning and replacement service. We will arrive on a schedule to make sure this important task is never overlooked.