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How do we perform your Weekly pool services & maintenance?

Pool Cleaning Las Vegas

Las Vegas Pool Service

Las Vegas Pool Service is committed to providing the best monthly pool maintenance you have ever seen! When you call us to get your pool cleaned or to have your chemicals checked and balanced we know how important it is to you to get things on track so you can more fully enjoy your pool.

Swimming Pool Algae Removal

1. Our Pool Technicians Are Highly Trained.

By trained we mean that they go through hours of rigorous training so that we can exceed every single one of our customer’s expectations. Our pool service technicians know what it takes to keep your pool cleaned and the chemicals up to par.

Acid Wash a Pool

2. Weekly Pool Service Is Completed On A Weekly Schedule.

Every week we will come out to your home or business and check the chemicals and PH level and make sure the levels are appropriate and safe for you and your loved ones. We will also check the pool skimmer, pool filter and clean the sides, floors and stairs of any debris. Here is a list of what we will do.

  • Clean your pool with a vacuum and brush
  • Add chemicals as needed to control PH levels and algae growth
  • Check and clean pool filter if needed
  • Make sure all equipment and fittings are in top condition
  • Inspect and make minor repairs
  • Recommend and perform any repairs
  • Replace equipment as needed
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Acid Wash Pool

3. Our Pool Service Covers Chemicals.

During the summer months especially you won’t believe how much of your chlorine and other chemicals evaporate from your pool on a daily basis. When we check your Las Vegas pool we will make sure that your PH level is correct and adjustments made to keep it that way. This is important and will help you avoid costly repairs or maintenance such as a full pool acid wash.

Clean Your Las Vegas Pool

4. We clean your Las Vegas pool.

We don’t just check everything and add a few chemicals and leave. We bring out the hoses and the wands and perform a full pool cleaning which includes using a brush and vacuum to clean the pool floors, walls steps and crevices. In addition we will make sure your pool pump is running efficiently and that your filters are cleaned and changed at the right times. We will also make sure your skimmer is cleaned and functioning properly after skimming the pool ourselves. Your pool will look brand new after each weekly pool service.

When you need a professional pool cleaning and maintenance company in Las Vegas who will not cut corners then don’t hesitate to call us or fill out the form on your right. We are the best company in town for you to get full access to top pool cleaning expertise and service.