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We turn your ‘Green Pool’ to a

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Your pool has been left too long with little or no maintenance and now it is green and swampy. Pools that have algae running amuck through them can be difficult and time consuming to clean but the Las Vegas Pool Service company are experts in cleaning green pools and making them clean and pure to swim in only a few days!


Swimming Pool Algae Removal

1. Our Technicians Know How To Clean Green Pools.

If you are looking for a highly reliable pool service maintenance company in Las Vegas then look no further! Our pool experts can properly diagnose and treat your green pool so that you can be swimming in it in as little as 3 days!

Acid Wash a Pool

2. What Is Our Process For Cleaning Your Green Pool?

We are glad you asked!

  • First we will pour Algaecide into the pool which will kill all of the algae and make the pool very cloudy.
  • 4-Hours Later we will then add a bottle of Think and Sweep which will make all of the debris drop to the bottom of the pool. We will then vacuum your pool out.
  • On the 3rd day your pool is already blue but is a bit cloudy. We will add another bottle of Think and Sweep and brush your pool while allowing your pump to run and clear out the pool.

When we come back we will vacuum the remaining waste from the pool and then you will be able to enjoy your pool. Happy Swimming!

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Acid Wash Pool

3. The Importance Of Shock Treatment.

One way to avoid the ‘green pool’ is to occasionally give it a dose of shock treatment to clear any algae from the early stages of growth. When you hire us to treat your green pool and let us maintain your pool each week we promise you will never have this problem again.