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Professional Pool Cleaning & Maintenance in Boulder City, NV

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Boulder City Pool Service

We’re here to help you beat the summer heat in your sparkling clean swimming pool with our affordable pool cleaning and maintenance services. As the best rated pool cleaning company in Boulder City and the surrounding area, we’re here to help you if you pool is looking green, your plaster is invaded with algae, or if you just want to stay on top of pool care. If you have a problem and need it solved fast, we’re here to help save the day. Our main pool maintenance services include:

  • Pool cleaning service
  • Filter cleaning service
  • Tile cleaning service
  • One time and emergency cleaning service
  • Monthly pool cleaning service

Our highly trained pool cleaning technicians can test and assess exactly what it is you’ll need to get your pool back up and running in tip top shape. We’ll provide you with the best quality swimming pool care in no time at all to ensure your pool is always ready for a dip. Our technicians can guide you through the options for taking care of your pool so you can find a tailor made package that not only works for you — it also works for your budget.

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Pool Tile Cleaning

Over time, your pool tiles may start to develop white scale buildup due evaporation. This buildup is made from calcium deposits, usually resulting from water rich in calcium which gets left behind when the water evaporates. If the chemistry of your pool water is not sufficiently balanced on a regular basis, it can contribute to an accumulation of scale buildup that’s very difficult to remove.

You can count on our expert pool cleaning technicians, with the use of special pool tile cleaning equipment, to remove these unwanted stains and deposits from the tile. We use salt blasting, a safe technique that quickly strips away calcium deposits to leave gleaming, bright tile behind.

Acid Wash

Perhaps your swimming pool is beginning to look a bit overly green these days? Does your pool look more like a swamp than an enjoyable place for you and your family to spend your summer afternoons? An acid wash can fix the underlying problem of a pool that keeps turning green due to algae spores that keep blooming from the plaster itself.

The pool will first have to be fully drained before the acid wash treatment can begin. Don’t be too hasty though, as this process removes a layer of pool plaster along with the stains. This service should be done only when deemed necessary. That’s not to say your pool can’t absolutely cope with several of these treatments before it needs to be refinished, however. The acid wash process can return to you a beautiful pool with clean, safe water and break the cycle of your green pool for good.

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Monthly Pool Service

It’s important to recognize as a swimming pool owner that there are monthly tasks regarding maintenance that will need to be carried out. From keeping your pool free from bacteria and debris to making sure the pH levels are correct, you can count on our trained and experienced pool cleaning technicians to keep your pool in perfect condition for a dip.

Every month, our technicians will come and ensure the chemical and pH levels are as they should be, perform a full cleaning of your pool, remove debris, and check your filter. Here is a list of some of the tasks our trained and experienced pool cleaning technicians will perform:

  • Brush and vacuum your pool, making sure it gets a good, full clean
  • Kill any algae with the use of chemicals
  • Ensure the pool has the correct pH levels
  • Check the pool filter and clean if necessary
  • Check the equipment to make sure it’s working
  • Full inspection of the pool
  • Make a report of any issues that need to be repaired

Green Pool Cleaning

Don’t waste any more time than necessary if your pool water has turned green. Our professional cleaners can get that water assessed and cleaned right away to restore clean, clear water safe for swimming. Once our Boulder City pool cleaning experts have assessed the waters chemistry, the pool water will be shocked and filtered it to restore its correct balance and appearance.

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Algae Removal

It’s quite common to find algae floating over the pool water or sticking to the walls or the floor of your pool. Green, yellow and black algae can lead to a dirty, murky pool, and that’s the last thing you want when you just want to go for a swim. Our trained, expert pool cleaning technicians in Boulder City can clean and remove any algae through the use of algaecide or by shocking the pool to restore your pool’s clean, clear appearance.

Equipment Repair

We perform all types of pool repair as a full-service pool cleaning company in Boulder City. We handle it all, including plumbing, pool pumps, pool heaters, filter cartridges, electrical boxes, lighting, and fittings. If your pool pump has stopped working or your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, you can count on us.

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Equipment Replacement

If any equipment needs to be replaced, we will strive to have it replaced within the week. We get that you want to get back to using your pool as soon as possible, especially in the summer months. This is why we here to deliver superior Boulder City pool services with the customer service and affordable pricing you deserve.