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Pool Cleaning and Services

Las Vegas, Nevada

Pools are fun, soothing during the summer months, and beautiful additions to our backyards. There is absolutely no doubt that pools are necessary additions to any home or property in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, especially when the summer months climb into the 3 digits! A pool is one of the most valued spots for any home and we want to help you enjoy it, essentially, year-round.

Our pool service team is trained, professional, and excited to help keep or restore your pool to health and beauty. Living in Las Vegas, Nevada we know how important a cool pool is to take a dip in. We offer affordable prices, knowledgeable advice, and friendly faces to all of our clients. We want to make your experience with us the best you’ve ever had every single time.

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There are many cut-rate pool service companies in Las Vegas as well as companies that want you to sign a long-commitment contract. We recommend considering the following when comparing Las Vegas pool service companies.


Weekly Service

Our team will come out on a weekly basis, according to your schedule, to ensure your pool is ready when you are. We will:

  • Clean the walls
  • Clean the water
  • Adjust filtration
  • Clean off the deck
  • Clean the ladders
  • Vacuum the pool if needed
  • Test the pH levels of your pool

Pool Acid Wash

Sometimes our pool water changes color and it can be a weird dark color that is truly unexplainable. When we conduct our acid wash, we are getting rid of the algae that have built up in your pool. As a general rule of thumb

  • Pricing ranges widely on how much work needs to be done in the pool.
  • If your pool is regularly treated, then an acid-wash is usually only needed every couple of years
  • If the pool has been left unused for a long period of time and the water has changed colors always ask about an acid-wash
concrete pool deck repair

Pool Tile Cleaning

The grout between tiles can become extremely unsightly and even downright gross. Our team knows how to clean not just your tiles but in between the cracks as well. Cleaning these areas is not just an aesthetic issue, but it is also a hygiene issue that cannot be ignored.

  • Prices range per square foot on average but more if the complexity of the work increases.
  • We use special tools and scrubbers to truly clean your tiles well.
  • Maintaining proper pH levels of your pool water can help elongate the lifespan of your tiles.
  • Make sure all equipment and fittings are in top condition
  • Pool tile cleaning eliminates lime deposits.
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Green Pool Cleaning

Has the algae in your pool gotten hard to handle on your own? Our team here in Las Vegas is all too familiar with algae infested pools. The warm weather encourages green pool water but no fear, we know exactly what to do to help. The process, when complete, usually takes around 24 hours to get the pool back to a blue color, and after a few days, the pH and alkalinity levels will level out.

  • We recommend that you do not attempt to swim in a green pool.
  • Call immediately if you notice your pool shade changing.
  • Chlorine levels of 10ppm to 30ppm are usually needed to shock a pool and remove algae.

Algae Removal

The fact is, it takes millions of these algae to change the color of your pool. Three of the most common algae that are removed from pools are mustard algae, black algae, and green algae. Heightened summer temperatures are the main reason for algae blooming in your pool and sometimes there isn’t much you can do about it other than calling the professionals and that is when we come in!

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Equipment Help and More!

Equipment Services


Our services here in Las Vegas include full-service maintenance whether you’re looking for a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routine. Our team also provides service to commercial properties along with residential properties.

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calenderPool Maintenance

Maintaining a clean and hygienic pool can be daunting at times when algae, mold, or other bacteria start infesting your once clean and usable pool. Our team knows how to clean any problem that you may be having in your pool. Don’t waste your precious free time breaking your back trying to clean your pools when this Las Vegas company is here to do it for you!


Choose your scheduled cleanings with us whenever works best for you. Our job is to lessen the stress not add to it, so you give us the time and place. Our pool maintenance includes but is not limited to:

  • Deep Cleans
  • Equipment checks
  • Filter cleanings
  • Shock treatment
pool deck repair

calenderPool Equipment Repairs

Due to the fact that your pool cannot be monitored 100% of the time, we know that the tools you install to keep your pool clean and safe will need maintenance and repair as well.


We have skilled team members who are more than familiar with pool equipment repairs to ensure that your pool is kept running from all angles.


Some pool equipment we repair includes:

  • Pool filters: Cartridge filters, sand filters, diatomaceous earth filters.
  • Pool heaters
  • Pool pumps
  • Pool Cleaners
Las Vegas concrete pool deck

calenderPool Equipment Replacement

We understand that sometimes pool equipment simply needs to be replaced but we will resort to that as the last option in most cases. As a leading company, we do not want our clients spending money they don’t have too if we can repair it; furthermore, our first step will be to try to repair your equipment as best as we can. If the equipment is simply done we will present you with better options for your pool. You are in good hands and our team is here to help your pool look good and be good.

We offer the best service in Las Vegas!

What should you expect from us?


As the best pool servicing company in the Las Vegas, Nevada area we are proud to serve you. Our team is here to support you in any and all of your pool needs, whenever they are and whatever they are. So here is what to expect when you hire us:



When we’re on the job we are on time and courteous of your home and/or business. You will never feel uncared for with us.



Pool prices can vary but one thing is for certain, we don’t upcharge just to make a few extra dollars. We are an honest business who is truly here to serve you and that means affordable pricing for amazing quality



From our customer care agents to our pool technicians- we all love what we do, and we certainly love living in Las Vegas. We are here for our clients, and that means friendly information and services all around.



Having a reliable pool cleaning company can set the table for a great pool season.

  • weekly pool service
  • Pool Acid Wash
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Algae Removal
  • Pool equipment
  • Pool Chlorine Bath
  • Green Pool Cleaning
  • One time pool cleaning
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